Who can apply?

OpenART is open to all professional artists.


How do I submit my application?

You start by registering as a user on our Open Call website. Directly after registration a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail. To start with the application you confirm by clicking on the link in the e-mail.

When you have confirmed your user, you fill in the application form by first creating a profile. To add an existing artwork or an idea to develop you move on to “My Application”. Resumés and portfolios are not mandatory and can be added at the end of the application as complementary information.

Before you submit your application, make sure your profile and work details are accurate and complete. You can enter 1 artwork, which you can support with a descriptive text and jpg-files.

The submission fee is 150 SEK (VAT incl.)

Accepted payment method: Credit card and Debit Card.

Accepted cards: Visa & Mastercard

The application will be successfully submitted once the submission fee is paid.


Can I modify my application?

Your application can be modified until the last day of the Open Call if you haven’t submitted and paid it. Once your application has been submitted and paid for, you can no longer modify it.


Is there a submission fee?

Yes. The submission fee is 150 SEK (VAT incl).


How do I pay?

When you have clicked the submit button another window will open and you will be transferred to the payment check-out. The application will be successfully submitted once the submission fee is paid.


I cannot make the payment. My card is not accepted.

If your card is not accepted, please contact openart@orebro.se and we will try and help you best we can.

Accepted payment method: Credit card and Debit Card.

Accepted cards: Visa & Mastercard


How many artworks can I apply with?

You can enter 1 existing artwork or idea to develop at the most per application.


What kind of artworks are you looking for?

OpenART is an exhibition that takes place in the city centre and the art will be placed outdoors available for public interaction day and night during the exhibition period. We see possibilities for a wide range of art mediums and techniques but are particulary looking for artworks for the open space and in particular new ideas on what public art can be.

Something that is also good to keep in mind is that OpenART targets an audience which aren’t usually in contact with art and therefore have another curiosity and level of respect towards it. This requires the art to be made out of durable materials, to be able to withstand wind and rain. Artists can apply with an already existing artwork or a new idea. You can add reference pictures to your application in the system.


Can we apply as a group?

Artists can apply as solo, duo or group. Accepted groups or duos share the artist fee of €1000.


In which language can I submit my application?

You can submit your application in English. Due to an international staff we do not accept applications in Swedish.


What happens next, if I am selected?

If you are among the selected artists, you will be contacted by the OpenART curatorial team, who will provide you with all the necessary information.


When will I know if I am among the selected artists?

OpenART will contact all applicants by email sometime during the summer 2018.


As a participating artist, what can I expect from OpenART?

Confirmed artists will receive an artist fee of €1000 (a confirmed group will share €1000). In dialogue with OpenART the artist recieves transport, travel and accommodation support. In some cases OpenART also provides production support and in dialogue with the artist find the most appropriate, time-efficient and cost-effective solutions. When an artist is producing a new artwork, the artist is expected to follow the determined budget for the artwork. Artists are expected to participate in the installment of their own artworks.


Is the art for sale?

It is entirely up to the artist to decide if the artwork is for sale. The purpose of the biennial is not to sell artwork, but to be an exhibition where the non-permanent is present. Artwork created and built specifically on site will be dismantled if not sold. Lent artwork will be sent back. OpenART’s commission is 40%.


Packing and transportation of my artworks.

OpenART bears the cost for the transportation to and from the exhibition. Artists are responsible for the packing and packing materials for their works. The packing materials should be adapted to the method of transport. Wooden packaging is recommended.


Is the art insured during the exhibition period?

Yes, the artworks are insured throughout the exhibition period.


Who should I contact for other inquiries?

Please send your inquiries to openart@orebro.se.


Deadline for Open Call

You can submit your application until 15 May 2018.